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“Lydia’s presentation about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace was terrific. She is incredibly impressive and engaged the audience at the BGS Global Leadership Summit by sharing examples and actionable suggestions. I highly recommend her as a speaker and presenter.” 

Bernard J. Milano, President, KPMG U.S. Foundation, and The PhD Project Association

“We love partnering with Lydia and her company Blended Collective, helping us thoughtfully engage our community around conversations on branding, marketing, diversity and inclusion. Every event we’ve partnered on has been seamless and well attended.”

Amanda Lewan, Co-Founder and CEO, Bamboo Detroit

“Lydia was the moderator of one of our Detroit events, which was a panel focusing on Diversity & Inclusion. She did an amazing job and asked some interesting questions that had all those who attended really thinking about how everyday life is impacted by the lack of D&I. I would highly recommend her for future speaking opportunities.”

Brenda Meller, Board Member, Together Digital

“Lydia’s contribution to our bi-weekly member event was fresh and thoughtful. With a simple to use but engaging tool, she led the discussion to a place of inspiration that moved us all. Lydia is a relevant, wise and engaging speaker.”

Sherry Cummins, Services Coordinator, Great Lakes Women’s Business Council