Lydia Michael was born and raised in Germany and began her career focusing on digital media and marketing at the Detroit Jazz Festival. Eventually, she transitioned to a Detroit and Los Angeles-based Artist Relations & Management firm and its independent record label, where she honed her skill set in the entertainment and music industry. While guiding these ventures from inception to growth, she also spearheaded Global Marketing and Operations Management efforts for five years where she developed, marketed, and managed Grammy-winning artists and their brands internationally. 

A culture and language enthusiast, Lydia ran her first business for three years – Authentic Lingo, LLC. She and her team provided English and German business, language and cultural services to global automotive expatriates in the metro Detroit area. Some of these included corporations like Bosch, Continental, Detroit Diesel, FCA, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and VW Group of America.

In 2015, she decided to move back to her hometown, Germany, where she worked on her International MBA in Management alongside a group of students and professionals from 11 different countries. Feeling like she was in the right place at the right time, she says, “It was a reminder of my love for all things multicultural, both my passion personally and in the workplace.” Her time in Germany opened the door for project collaborations with Deloitte and L’Oréal in Düsseldorf.

Due to her continued inspiration by culture and business, she decided to pave her own way upon returning to the US. The inspiration for her vision translated to the creation of a multicultural marketing and brand consultancy Blended Collective, with the goal of enrichening brands and experiences through culture.

With the launch of Blended Collective came the introduction of her Speaker Event Series Blended that she curates, markets and hosts around multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion. The series features creative and business talent extending across cultures and industries to highlight authentic, cultural and diverse stories. Blended organically provides a platform for industry experts to share their experiences, knowledge and thought leadership. It also offers the audience a voice to share their perspectives, forming new relationships and culturally relevant discussions in the community. These discussions have included speakers from Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GTB, LinkedIn, Pandora, Quicken Loans and more.

Lydia currently serves as the Chair of NextGen, a volunteer leadership committee at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to attract and engage young professionals. She is also responsible for establishing and leading the first official Michigan Chapter, known as the Detroit Alumni Chapter and 32nd one globally, of the international honor society Beta Gamma Sigma.