Dr. Jeff Stoltman

“The framework introduced here is parsimonious, and Lydia Michael skillfully uses the complete canvas to paint the picture so that one can see how it is applicable to a wide variety of situations. It is elegant in its simplicity.” 

Dr. Tracy Maylett

“Whether it’s with a company, coworkers, or a brand, we engage where we feel we belong. Brand Love guides us through the steps to inviting others to be a part your brand—a place where they feel welcome and will want to stay.” 

Heba Khadre

“This book is filled with valuable insights. It’s also a wonderful resource to help guide young professionals as they cultivate their own personal brands in the early stages of their careers. Well-organized, thoughtful, and inspiring!” 

Jon Freshwater

“What’s love got to do with it? Well, everything. Without brand love, businesses struggle to stand the test of time. ‘Love,’ however, is a soft and fluffy topic. Thankfully, Lydia Michael provides structure and rigor to how brands can ignite desire and fandom—mapping out a path for the eight stages of brand love with tips and inspiration for each step of the process.” 

Bill Duggan

 “There are many books about marketing, but Brand Love is unique. It not only puts on a pedestal the importance of emotional engagement in brand building, but it does so by emphasizing the critical need of addressing the multicultural perspective when doing so. With the world becoming more diverse every day, that is now an imperative for brand growth. And I love all the practical examples!” 

Ron Davis

 “Lydia Michael gets it and makes it easy for you too. Customers own your brand! Michael provides real-world stories from companies you know and love that demonstrate the importance of moving your customer relationship from transactional to brand love. Brand Love shows how to create a customer for life. Why else be in business?” 

Ashmi Elizabeth Dang

What sets Brand Love apart is how Lydia’s own expertise and passion in the subject took me on my own personal journey of falling in love with the book. With each stage of ‘The Eight Brand Love Stages,’ my desire to implement these strategies grew.”

Dionne Vaz

“What I love most about this book is its real world, global examples that make the concepts easy to follow.”

Taharah Saad

“Inclusion in branding is getting more and more attention, and Lydia, by far, is the best subject matter expert I’ve met.”

Kevin Peterson

“I appreciate the push to utilize all five senses when connecting with customers and the emotional ties that form as a result.”